Griffin launches non-MTF service for physical forwards –

News: Griffin launches non-MTF service for physical forwards

December 16th, 2013

London 16th December 2013 – Griffin today launched a non-MTF execution service for physical gas and power products.

The new service – which operates on Griffin’s existing ICE platform – comes in response to growing demand from the market for an efficient discretionary execution service.

Griffin’s solution has received approval from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and will enable participants to execute transactions using a discretionary workflow outside of the MTF regime.

Griffin’s transparent fees remain unaffected. All existing fee caps and rebate schemes will continue in force offering reductions on fees for trades executed across the platform. Griffin leads the way in offering the same fee structures for all users of its platform and is open and transparent about publishing these on its website for customers.

Conscious of the need to minimise technical changes for customers, Griffin has designed its non-MTF service with the objective of avoiding any IT implementation work. As a result, users of Griffin’s platform will be able to start using the new non-MTF service – known as the Whiteboard Assisted Execution (WAX) – without any delays for IT work.