Griffin offers live EFETnet REMIT testing –

News: Griffin offers live EFETnet REMIT testing

July 8th, 2015

Griffin is offering live testing to market participants who wish to use EFETnet’s RRM service and has already begun partnering a number of market participants in the initial testing phase.

The testing will enable market participants to check and reconcile data sent on their behalf to EFETnet by Griffin and other organised market places and subsequently submitted to ACER’s test systems. It will also allow market participants to monitor messages received back from ACER.

Although it is for market participants to decide whether to use test or live production data, it is likely that testing will involve the use of live production data. Those participants who are uncomfortable with sending production data may instead opt to use a test platform which will allow them to generate mock order and trade scenarios.

Further details can be found in the press release here:

8th July 2015: Griffin offers live EFETnet REMIT testing