Griffin to move to Trayport system –

News: Griffin to move to Trayport system

June 5th, 2014

London 5th June 2014 – Griffin is pleased to announce that in response to customer demand for aggregation of Griffin with other markets, it has entered into a five year agreement with Trayport to operate its platform through the GlobalVision Broker Trading System.

The move is planned to take place on 1st July.

Access to Griffin through Trayport’s network is a key milestone that will allow market participants to access the benefits of Griffin through the market leading aggregator of OTC energy in Europe.

Importantly, Griffin will continue to drive change and competition by remaining true to its core values of:

  • being the low cost execution provider;
  • stimulating development of the markets through innovation;
  • offering non-intrusive account management; and
  • operating a sustainable business model to ensure long-term savings for market participants.

Griffin’s technology and operations teams will be contacting customers in the coming days to ensure a smooth transition. Customers with existing straight through processing solutions should be able to add Griffin seamlessly to these solutions. Following the switch to Trayport on 1st July, Griffin’s markets will no longer be accessible via WebICE.

Griffin CEO, Drew Stephens says that the move to Trayport shows that Griffin is listening to its customers: “Our customers tell us they like the Griffin model but historically they have been unable to reap the full benefits available from Griffin due to a lack of price aggregation with other OTC brokers. By being on Trayport our customers can now access the low cost service that we offer without the execution risk which comes with a non-aggregated market.”