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Griffin’s hybrid OTC platform offers access to trading across all the principal European gas hubs including NBP, TTF, Gaspool, NCG, PEG, ZTP, VTP and PSV.

TTF Day Ahead
The TTF Day ahead price as transacted on Griffin's marketplace

Contracts can be traded either bilaterally or cleared through a choice of clearing houses and exchanges. Cleared transactions are processed electronically via “straight through clearing” mechanisms to ensure timely, low-risk registration with clearers and exchanges.

Tenors for trading are available from within day to the far end of the curve.

Market participants trading through Griffin’s gas platform can also benefit from a competitive commission structure. For more information, please contact Griffin’s Head of Gas, Andy Fairley on 020 7808 4242.

Voice-brokered gas options services are available from Griffin’s dedicated options desk.

TTF front season
The TTF front season price as transacted on Griffin's marketplace